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CrohnsDisease.co.uk is made up of a team who are passionate about helping people heal their Crohn's and improve their quality of life. We are dedicated to providing the best information and products that will help you treat your Crohn's.

If you have ever asked yourself any of the questions below then you're in the right place:

How can I heal my Crohn's?

Why did I get Crohn's? Why me?

Why is my Crohn's medication not working?

Do you have Crohn's? We can help you

We provide a step by step protocol  which focuses on an elimination diet to get to root cause of healing - which will help you attain optimal health and heal your body of Crohn's Disease.

What can you get from us?

We provide healing guides that includes an elimination diet combined with lifestyle protocols to help your body heal from Crohn's. It is an anti-inflammation diet that humans have actually followed  for most of our existence - it the natural human diet.

How our guides help

If you want to heal your Crohn's then you need to understand that your diet will play the most significant impact in your journey towards healing yourself. The Crohn's Guides are a great place to start. Following them will transform the health of you or someone you care about.

How to heal Crohn's...

We help explain what the best diet for people suffering from Crohn's is, and how to let you effortlessly treat it, heal and improve your gut health.

Why are you suffering from Crohn's?

Medical experts have shown that chronic inflammation is the root cause of most “modern” diseases such as Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, arthritis, cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer's, stroke, asthma, allergies, skin conditions and auto immune disease, even depression.

Sugar, refined carbs and man made fats (industrial seeds oils) such as margarine – these are the root cause of inflammation – and are the cause of most modern diseases.

Modern food is the villain. You can treat and protect yourself from diseases such as psoriasis by removing toxic foods from your diet – foods such as sugar, refined carbs and industrial seeds oils (often referred to as “vegetable oils”).

Our Guides


Our Crohn's Guides
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We teach you how to heal your Crohn's Disease - by
following step by step instructions which
are easy and simple to follow.

Our guides
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The inflammation responsible for your Crohn’s, is in large part a result of the food you have been eating. Toxic foods such as refined sugar, refined grains, processed foods and industrial seed oils lead to chronic inflammation. By adopting a diet that removes, or at the very least minimises these foods, you will be able to dramatically improve your gut health. By following the right diet, you can achieve a drug free way to relieve and heal Crohn’s Disease.

Heal Crohn's

Understand exactly what the Crohn's healing protocol is all about. Gain the knowledge to improve your health. We help clients treat their Crohn's.

Reverse Crohn's

Our guides explain the cause of Crohn's Disease and how it can be effectively treated. It details how to transition into a diet that naturally promotes healing.

Gut Health

Studies have shown that the health of your gut benefits by cutting down on the foods that trigger flare symptoms, which are listed out in our guides.


With our guides you will have much lower cravings for food that trigger gut pain and so will be a lot less bothered by flare ups - which will boost healing.

Prevent Inflammation

Most people eat a large amount of inflammation causing foods. Many chronic health problems are triggered by foods which our guides list.

Eliminate Toxins

Our guides quickly put you on a path towards eliminating toxins from your system. Toxins worsen your Crohn's symptoms and prevent healing.

Hi, I'm Jonathan

Crohn’s is a very serious disease. It can be extremely painful, distressing and embarrassing.  1 in 4 people now suffer from gut disease and the number (including for Crohn’s) are increasing.

If you suffer from Crohn’s then your doctor will no doubt tell you that there is no cure for your Crohn’s – you’ll just have to live with. You’ll be prescribed medications, none of which will heal your Crohn’s. All of you medication will in time be less effective in reducing your pain. They are a temporary fix. Eventually, as with most people who suffer from Crohn’s, surgery will be necessary.

But it doesn’t have to be this way – there are people naturally healing their Crohn’s and being able to live symptom free, inflammation free, and enjoying a Crohn’s free life.

I’m grateful for you being here, thank you.

My aim is to help inform, educate and inspire you into taking action to help you move towards healing your Crohn's Disease, achieving better health and leading a better life.

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